Red Plus Size Tassel Trim V Neck Bodycon Party Tank Dress

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Tango-ready and tailored for motion, this fringed attire is a nod to the energy and allure of the dance floor. The bright red color captures the spirit of the tango, while the fringe embellishments invite a sense of drama and performance to your evening wear. This dress is a perfect partner for dancing the night away under the lights.
Size US Bust size (inches) Length (inches)
0XL 12 38.6 42.0
1XL 14 41.0 42.6
2XL 16 43.3 43.1
3XL 18 45.7 43.7
4XL 20 48.1 44.3
5XL 22 50.4 44.9


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  • Does it stretch


  • What are the measurements of hips for 5XL?

    Hello.The hip is 53 inch for 5xl



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