Elegant Bridal White Crochet Lace Midi Puff Sleeve Dress

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Veering from the path of the ordinary, this prom dress is a work of art in the form of fabric and thread. The white lace, bold in its design yet soft to the touch, hugs the body in all the right places, creating a vision of poise and grace. With sleeves that puff like soft clouds on a sunny day, the dress promises an ethereal presence. Each stitch and seam is a tribute to the timeless art of dressmaking, ensuring that the wearer not only feels beautiful but also carries with her a piece of fashion history.
Size Total Length (cm) Shoulder
Waist (cm) Bust (cm) Hip(cm)
S 88 -- 66 84 88
M 89 -- 70 88 92
L 90 -- 74 92 96
XL 91 -- 78 96 100


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    Yes,it is.

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