Pink Rose Sculptural Blouse

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Generate a captivating presence with this avant-garde pink top, designed to imitate the natural elegance of a blooming rose. This piece offers more than just clothing; it's an artful expression of personality and creativity. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, each petal is positioned to create a lifelike rose that seems to blossom directly from the torso, providing a stunning visual impact. This top is ideal for artistic showcases, photo shoots, or any setting where making a memorable impression is key. The vibrant pink hue pairs beautifully with both neutral and contrasting colors, allowing for a range of styling options. Consider this top a staple in your wardrobe when you want to blend artistry with fashion.
Size (cm) Length (cm) Bust (cm) Weight (g)
XS 22 72 78
S 23 76 78
M 24 80 78
L 25.5 86 78


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